Meet Your Priestess

Canela is a Gardneraian Priestess. She is a Wolf Goddess of the moon, sexuality, emotions, and justice, and is the keeper of the dark and the light having started her witchcraft journey on the Yule sabbat. She is the Priestess of Eclectic Moon Coven, founder of Witch Vibe Network, and Co-Creatrix of Toadstools School of Magical Arcana.
Canela is the FOUNDER of Witch Vibe Network, where she highlights witches and their stories.

Our network sets a universal, inclusive standard for witches and their craft to be seen and appreciated.

Canela’s mission is to show what it means to truly be a witch so she can raise witches out of oppression and re-educate the world on what witchcraft actually is.

Along with interviewing witches, Canela provides card readings, apothecary items, and ritual magic through this network. She also offers to showcase products and services from other witches that appear on the show.

Canela is also a CREATRIX of Toadstools School of Magical Arcana, where she has partnered with fellow co-owner, co-founder, and acting Creatrix, Liliris, in creating a school for witches to learn detailed instruction on honing their craft.

Toadstools is a safe space for witches to master their craft, unbridled, with education provided on a wide range of topics: from practicing magic to studying deities, crafting rituals to the basic fundamentals, and so much more.

The mission of Toadstools is to provide support for witches who don’t have access to working with a coven, as well as witches who want to begin their own practice from scratch.