Book a personal card reading or magical ritual
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Canela offers various tarot and oracle card readings, from simple three card spreads to elaborate 12 house zodiac spreads.

Readings can be purchased as either live, conducted across video with me, or pre-recorded, where I send them to you via a video file through email.

Currently, readings are all 30% off until August 31, 2020.



A consultation must be done ahead of time before your appointment. They are 45 minutes long and cost an additional $50.00.

The consultation will explain how magic works, what materials I and you will need for the ritual, and a full disclosure of what I won’t do for your ritual.

The consultation fee is included in the booking price and you will receive an email detailing how to book the consultation session. Please note that cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Dismissal of this rule will not warrant a refund.



I received a card reading from Canela in regards to my love life and where I was in my life and I was pleased with everything that I was told during. Her card reading brought up points that hit close to home and everything she told me was accurate and brought deeper clarity into my situation at the time. Her professionalism , compassion and understanding of what she's providing made me feel very at ease and comfortable and it wasn't basic topical information anyone who knows me could tell me. I would 5/5 recommend her services.

New York
I can’t say enough about the reading I got from Canela. I was at difficult spot at my job and in life and my reading was so in tune with the changes I NEEDED to make it was scary! I’m in a much better place after I listened to the cards and put their guidance into action. There were some things that were hard to hear but absolutely necessary. I can’t wait for another reading!

North Carolina
I recently had the pleasure of receiving an extended reading from Kirsten/Canela the Cinnamon Witch of the Witch Vibe Network and I couldn't be more astounded and pleased with the experience. Kirsten demonstrated a clear knowledge of tarot that could only come from many years of diligent and passionate practice of her craft. She was able to uncover and speak to very private aspects of my life that I never mention to anyone and that she would have no way of knowing beforehand. She gave concrete and solid advice regarding how to handle the more delicate situations surrounding my suppressed worries and gave me a small glimpse of what was yet to come. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wishing to receive otherworldly guidance and insight into the more complicated facets of their life.